Phone Finder is an app for the Apple iPhone that allows you to find your iPhone when it is lost or misplaced in your home. It does this by using the iPhone push notification service to send a message to your iPhone along with an alert sound.

If you have lost your iPhone and think it may be in the possession of someone else or at a location you are unsure of, we suggest you send a message telling the person who finds your iPhone that you have lost your iPhone and provide the best method to contact you. If your iPhone isn't locked, then if/when the person who finds your iPhone views your message, they will launch a more detailed message that you have set in the app itself. When this message launches, you will be sent an email telling you that the message was viewed, along with the current location of the iPhone.

If you have misplaced your iPhone in the location you are at, we suggest using the "Disturb" alert when sending your message. This sound is very loud and high pitched, which allows the sound to travel further and be heard in noisy settings and around the house. This is often the best way to find a misplaced phone, since your default ringtone may not be loud enough to hear unless you are very close to your phone.

Keep in mind that Phone Finder is not a perfect solution. It is only capable of pushing a message to iPhone and you will not receive the location of your phone unless someone actually finds your iPhone and presses the View button. It is also not effective if your iPhone is off or has lost network connectivity. However, it still provides a very effective and inexpensive method for recovering your phone when you are unable to contact the person who found your phone.
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